Supracadd V6068 New Version ‘LINK’


Supracadd V6068 New Version

To achieve this result, BlueScope Steel developed the Supracadd software which enables us to write the code in the rollformer software. This reduces the risk of error and allows the SUPRACADD code to be checked by every engineer at every stage of the steel frame design. BlueScope Steel also provides a full quality control and development system that enables every engineer using our rollformer software to be checked before the software runs for him or her to use. This allows us to be absolutely certain that our rollforming operations are meeting the highest standards of quality and integrity for our products.

In addition to our engineering and quality control functions, we have also brought in the BVA for several crucial safety functions: for example, SUPRACADD can analyse an entire truss structure to see if there are any safety issues and determine how to resolve them before a truss goes into production.

The SUPRACADD team has provided us with training and support services and, with comprehensive quality control and code checking for our rollformers, which also produce rollformers, trusses and cableway work in several countries around the world. A well-tested rollformer can, in this time of digital technology, still offer up to 50% productivity compared to a human.

The SUPRACADD Quality Manager will also do a final check of all important codes, designs and details after the machine operator has finished, so that the rollformer has been checked for accuracy and the final steel truss or truss structure is ready to be taken to the engineering facilities for detailed design.


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