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This study aims to describe the epidemiological evolution of influenza A virus infections in northern Italy over the last decade. Samples tested for influenza A virus isolation were collected at the Forensic Medical Institute of Pavia during 2001-2015. Influenza A cases (positive cultures in nasopharyngeal swabs) are reported by clinical unit and by month of hospitalization. The cumulative proportion of influenza cases was estimated by comparing the number of specimens tested with the total number of hospitalized patients. A total of 3386 samples were collected (48.5% in children) and influenza A virus was isolated in 30.9% of cases (26.0% were H3N2 and 4.8% were H1N1pdm09). H3N2 was the prevalent subtype in children, whilst H1N1pdm09 was the only subtype detected in adults. There was a steady increase in the proportion of influenza A viruses from 2011 to 2015 (26.7-36.3%). The highest proportion of influenza A cases occurred in September and October (12.1 and 16.6%, respectively). Peak activity of influenza A virus circulation was observed in October, with higher rates of cases in both children (15.5%) and adults (14.2%). Significant variation in the number of specimens tested was observed among the units, with a bimodal distribution observed for the cumulative proportion. This is the first epidemiological study providing information about influenza A virus circulation over the last decade in northern Italy, showing an important seasonality and a

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