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I have also tried to reduce the length of the.mov file, but that did not work either.
VideoLance – M3U8 Video Playlist Editor
I don’t know how to explain, but the whole code seems to work the same, except the moment when it freezes. When I have the preview and we try to scroll the camera for example, the Unity freezes and this happens as well on Mac.


A very good way to solve this problem is to record the pause from your program and then use video editor to cut the video to your desired length. You can even use ImageMagick to crop the image file.

Syed Faruque Ahmed, Director General (DG) of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) had written a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday. The PMO has now released a copy of the letter which reads as follows:

Dear Prime Minister,

I write to you this letter as the transmission of the results of the General Election 2018 could not be completed due to the difficulties faced by the Elections Commission of Pakistan.

The voting was held on July 25, 2018 in the country’s largest provinces. On July 26, the polls of seven constituencies were declared invalid due to mass rigging. As the weather condition did not allow the transmission of the results in writing or over the phone, the announcement was postponed.

Based on the delay of the count of the general elections in the ‘’Nawaz Sharif’’ constituencies in the Awami Muslim League, we have decided to extend the announcement of the results till August 2nd.

Islamabad, August 02, 2018.


F.A. Ahmed.

Chairman, Election Commission of Pakistan

The above letter is proof of the rigging and coercion over the past general elections in Pakistan.Q:

I have to store a variable between processes in Java (JNI)

I have a program that runs 50 different java threads that run simultaneously. All of the threads need to access a java object, how can i make this object global? it cant be static because its a database connection that needs to be instantiated at the start of the program.


You will need to store the data in memory using shared memory (Sockets / Shared Memory).
You can look at the FileChannel, SocketChannel, Sockets classes.


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