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The Bose N800s come with a soft-lined, padded case, a cleaning cloth, and a mini USB cable. Speakers: Audio/Video: Headphones

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. See also Camera Viewfinder

A viewfinder is an optical device that is fixed just behind the camera’s lens that makes an image of the scene being captured by the lens, without obstructing the image being taken by the lens. Different camera brands have different types of viewfinders on their cameras. Below is a table of some of the viewfinders available on different camera models.

The N900 does not have a viewfinder.

. See also Camera Sensor

The sensor is the core component of the digital camera and is the part of the camera that detects light. The sensing element or sensor is the light-detecting part of a camera. It does not capture images, it measures and converts that light to an electrical signal. The image is then processed and transferred to the internal memory. The type of sensor used on digital cameras depends on the type of picture they can take. Camera models range from simple point-and-shoot models to high-end digital still cameras.

. See also Camera

Pre-Order Pre-order products are products that are available to purchase before the product is released. This can be an important consideration when buying a product, as it allows a consumer to use the product before it is delivered and makes any manufacturing or shipping issues that may arise known before the

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