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The Great Book Of Nature All Episodes In Hindi Online

The book was published on 22 January 1776 in Edinburgh and had the following last page: “The author has been enabled to transmit to the Public, in this country, a work which will, he is confident, contribute more to the wealth, elegance and improvement of society, than any other production which has issued from the press during the present century.”

Both in the first volume and in the second volume, the author explains that the division of labour and free markets are the primary forces of industrial growth. Smith compares the division of labor to a natural division of labor that exists in all animals where some animals herd or protect others in order to prevent predators. A common example of this natural division of labor is the division of labour in bird communities. He also compares the division of labor to the division of labour in society where different occupations exist in order to meet the varying needs of human society. Features of a market economy are also included in the book. Smith wrote that legal restrictions that apply to trade are often unnecessary. In a free market, consumers can choose to demand lower prices for better goods and services. Smith also saw that national wealth was the possible result of specialization: “What goods, then, are the real and proper objects of desire? In the first place, we desire to enjoy the conveniences of life”.

The book was originally published in a single volume, but later editions were published in separate volumes. After 35 editions were published, a final edition appeared on 29 March 1848. The final edition appeared in 30 volumes with 480 pages, two volumes of documents and three volumes of law. For a long period, one of the biggest copies was kept in the bank of John Rogers, father of the author. It was still on sale in 2009. Two of Smith’s books sold more copies than any other books of Smith. A German historian, J. G. A.


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