This is the final version. If you are not open to uninstall the trial version, you can use the following Trick: Right-Click on ‘Programs and Features’, Click on ‘Turn Windows Features on or Off’ and place a checkmark in the box ‘Photoshop Elements 8 CS6’ (to later uninstall without reinstall).







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Adobe Photoshop has had numerous, significant changes over the past few years, and some of the changes are so significant that they may mean the end of the program as we know it. You may not realize it, but the latest version of Photoshop (CS6) is different from previous versions in many significant ways. If you are using Photoshop CS6 and are wondering what the new features are and whether you can use them in your work, then you’ll want to read this chapter.

Finding the Best Way to Market

You can’t market Photoshop effectively if you don’t understand the basic advertising model that successful marketing professionals use in their work. Advertising uses many methods, such as print ads and direct mail, that are often expensive. But each technique also comes with its drawbacks — both in terms of advertising effectiveness and cost. Print ads are usually in the form of advertisements in books, newspapers, magazines, brochures, and even specialty publications. Mail advertising can come in the form of direct mail or inserts in newspapers, magazines, etc. Direct mail advertising is usually expensive — you have to pay to get the ad in the mail.

Advertising by cutting the paychecks of employees

The Internet has made much of the world accessible to advertising and the marketing of products. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same opportunities to promote their products and services online, and not all online advertising is equally effective.

I’m sure you’ve seen websites that advertise a product or service by having other sites sell it through the affiliate marketing program of the website. Affiliate marketing is when a site refers people to a company for a commission that the company pays it. One successful example of affiliate marketing is airline-racing car site (, which bills itself as “the worldwide affiliate for car racing.” Any car that is qualified to race on the race-car site is promoted by its affiliates to their lists of customers and prospects. Pelotainment runs competitions and events that its affiliates promote; ultimately, sponsors of these events pay Pelotainment a commission for promoting their product.

Pelotainment and its affiliates are successful because of one thing — they target both their audience and their affiliates very well. Pelotainment’s sites are specifically geared toward an audience who is looking for information about car racing, and the products Pelotainment recommends are designed to appeal to these readers. The affiliates themselves are passionate about cars, which makes them more likely to promote the products Pelotainment promotes

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You are about to view a basic guide that will prepare you for the basics of using Photoshop Elements.

Adobe Photoshop Elements Tutorials

In this Photoshop tutorial, we will learn the following:

How to adjust color and white balance for your photos. – Using the Tone Curve. – Using the Color Curves. – How to set Black and White sliders. – How to remove blemishes and unwanted objects.

1. Changing Color and White Balance: Basic Photography

Step 1: Select a Color and White Balance

You can adjust your photos color by selecting a color in different areas of the photo. For this image, we’re going to use Selective Color.

I am going to look at the bright lights on the yellow walls.

To do this, first select a brush by going to Select > Brush.

Click on the Photo Filter tab and select a Color from the Color drop down menu in the Preset Filters section.

Step 2: Using Color Curves

The next step is to select a Color Curve for your color.

A Color Curve is a slidable box that is filled with a rainbow of colors.

Click on the Curves Tab at the top of your screen.

Step 3: Using the Tone Curve

A Tone Curve is a slidable box filled with a rainbow of tones.

Click on the Tone Curve tab at the top of your screen.

Step 4: Adjusting Color and White Balance

Lets modify the Color Curves and Tone Curve.

Move the sliders around until you have the look you want.

Step 5: Remove Noise from a Photo

Most of our photos have a little bit of noise.

To fix that, we’re going to use Noise Reduction.

On the left-hand side of your screen is a noise slider that will reduce the amount of noise in the photo.

Just drag it over until you have the amount of noise you want.

Step 6: Removing Scratches and Dust from a Photo

Click on the Discards Tab at the top of your screen.

This will show you different brushes and sliders that will remove scratches and dust.

Click on the Brush icon in the upper-right hand corner of the image.

Step 7: Adjust Color for an Image

Use the Color Adjustment sliders to

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’s a personal story for me.

I was told pretty early in my adult life that there was no way I was going to have children. Though I would have loved to parent, no light bulb went on. I didn’t decide to be childfree because I hate children, or because I wanted to focus all my energy on other things. It was more subtle. It was that I felt I didn’t have the time or energy to do all these other things I wanted to do. I didn’t know a lot about birth control, and just didn’t think that when I did want children, I’d be able to get pregnant and have it not be a struggle.

I didn’t understand that it was just a different way of looking at things. I didn’t think that there would be a way to have my own brand of crazy that people would want to copy or be around for a while. I didn’t understand that that was a part of my brand and my personality.

I did not just watch my friends and my peers find their children and I did not wait to have my own. I did not stop feeling. I did not stop dreaming.

I’ve always been a dreamer, and even at a young age, I used to think about how I’d like my life to be. It’s just a part of me.

It’s nothing that I’m ashamed of.

When I decided to have a child, I didn’t have to worry about my value. I didn’t have to be self-conscious that my body shape would be altered. My body didn’t have to compete with the body of the woman I was living with.

My child is a reminder that I’m capable of doing something that’s crazy and unnatural, but I don’t worry about what other people are going to think. I don’t look at a child as something I have to work to get. I can pretty much be myself without fear of judging.

What do you think about motherhood as a career choice? Should we just stop telling women that they can’t do it?





What’s New in the?

Beagle 2

Beagle 2 () was a successful British and French space probe launched on 19 December 2003 from Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan by the Russian Soyuz-U11-M rocket. A spacecraft and its objectives were funded by two arms of the United Kingdom and France’s national space agencies, the British Space Agency and the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES). There was no privately funded component. The spacecraft carried two payloads: one was British on the British Beagle 2, and the other was French on the French Beagle 2. When Beagle 2 left the Earth’s atmosphere in January 2004, it carried instruments to make the first close up images of the surface of the Moon. The satellite was designed to orbit the Moon up to 24 hours. Beagle 2 should have returned scientific data for at least three months but this was complicated by unexpected solar activity in early 2004. On 30 May 2004, the mission was declared to have failed. An entry in the NASA database stated the mission was still active, but NASA personnel could not comment on its status.

Beagle 2 was a joint ESA–CNES project. ESA was responsible for the payload, and CNES for the launcher and spacecraft. Each partner contributed €250,000 each, a sum which had been agreed on the basis that the mission would fail.


The purpose of the mission was to provide important scientific data, ranging from understanding how our solar system was formed to what happens on the surface of the Moon.

Communication system

The British part of the Beagle 2 carried a radio-frequency transponder allowing its location to be transmitted back to the Earth as it performed a looped, elliptical orbit around the Moon. This would ensure that its position could be updated regularly, even if it was in eclipse. In order to manage the spacecraft and to transmit status information, the Beagle 2 computer had a “mission management system” (MMS) and an operations and maneuvering system (OMS).

The payload comprised two cameras on the British part of the mission. The main instrument was a larger version of the Beagle 2 Camera (B2V), named the Lunar Impact Camera. This consists of a Canon EOS DIGITAL camera and two filters. A set of filters modifies the intensity of the sunlight as Beagle 2 orbits the Moon, providing information on the abundance of water and geology on the Moon

System Requirements:

For D3: RAM: 2 GB of RAM
For D4: RAM: 2 GB of RAM
For D5: RAM: 2 GB of RAM
For D6: RAM: 2 GB of RAM
For D7: RAM: 2 GB of RAM
For D8: RAM: 2 GB of RAM
For D9: RAM: 2 GB of RAM
For D10: RAM: 2 GB of RAM
For D11: RAM: 2 GB of RAM

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