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four lions, by paul king (paul king international). a night of terrible violence causes a crime to be committed that forces all four british film actors to talk their way out of the crime they have committed, or are about to commit. director paul king , who had won rave reviews for his debut feature four lions , finds himself at the center of a media frenzy as the media turns on him for the four isolated men he has cast to portray this night of crime in his movie. king tries to cover his tracks by releasing the movie in the u.k. and hollywood. by no means, however, can these outcasts prevent themselves from being thrust into the limelight, which is just where they want to be.

the power of art, the madness of auschwitz: myth, reality and a world to come, by joseph wulf (university of california, berkeley) and ruth rochlitz. the history of auschwitz, the ultimate nazi concentration camp, can only be understood in the context of the evil german culture that created it. using an amalgamation of religious and political extremism, the national socialists created an ideology that was as brutal and evil as their regime was violent and powerful. exposing this history can bring healing and justice to today’s world. for joseph wulf, the film historian, historian, and senior fellow of the history and public policy program at the university of california at berkeley and co-director of the institute of the study of genocide, the books purpose is to provide a historical perspective on the holocaust and how the widely accepted narrative of the camps is a product of propaganda. the book sets out to explain what happened behind the barbed wire and to contextualize the actions of the nazis at the camps. to do this, wulf and ruth rochlitz create a mythos of the camp and show how the camp has been taken out of its reality and the pieces put back together to fit a preconceived narrative. in time, we are told, the truths will be revealed and the proper timeline will finally be complete.

dance, america: from black cultural politics to the global village, by vanessa u. rocco (indiana university press). rocco analyzes the role of african american dance in american culture in the past 300 years, looking at the building of american culture in the americas from 1400 to the present, as well as the impact of african dance in europe and the united states. although some scholars, including the author, have argued that african folk dances influenced modern dance, rocco identifies the roots of modern ballet, jazz, and tap dance in the black dance tradition, and shows how these dances spread from the u.s. after world war ii. she describes how movies, television, and popular music developed the influence of african dance in america, including the influence of martin luther king jr. and the civil rights movement on dance in america.
highlights in african american theater: a history from the twentieth century to the present, by matthew w. herbison (temple university press). the musical comedies, revues, plays, and experimental pieces of the first half of the twentieth century, chronicle the growth and refinement of african american theater since the 1880s and 1900s, and provide insight into the development of a distinctive american cultural identity. there are chapters on the rise of the black theater in harlem, the use of jazz by black theater groups, an assessment of the power of african american theater artists, and a history of the most popular and influential black theatrical performers, from ed norton to fats waller.

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