Tokyo School Life Torrent Full

what we often crave from our travels are souvenirs. but good souvenirs are desperately thin on the ground. when we go on trips, gift shops will push miniature camels or plastic eiffel towers on us. when we retire after a lifetime in the office, were given a framed photo. we mark the journey to university graduation with a gown and a certificate. we need better than this. what we need, above all, are records of sensations and ideas. we need to be able to read, many years from now, about what we felt and how it marked us.

the answer to this question is not so simple, but the strongest journals have the widest social range. in the days before the printing press, people kept diaries to record their travels and daily life. they were no doubt aware of the value of physical memory, but they also knew that their existence was being recorded in writing. travel diaries were not only a way to record the wonder and beauty of the places visited, they were a way to store and preserve the impressions of daily life. people used travel journals as a way to record the change in their life and as a way to prepare to return home.

and they were not just for wealthy travelers. in 1744, an english sea captain wrote of his journey from india to america in a journal he carried around his neck. he kept a journal of his life at sea, from the day he left london to the day he set foot on the deck of the new world. his journal was a way of preserving a life that was just as rich, just as curious and just as full of wonder as those of his contemporaries.

as we live our lives, we keep diaries of our lives. we record the people we meet, the things we learn, the moments we cherish. our journals are a way of remembering the best and worst of who we are. it is a way of preserving the gifts of life.



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