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we also downloaded data from the gepia database. the gepia database contains a large collection of microarray and rna-seq expression data and it has been widely used for gene expression profiling and cancer genomics research. the gepia database contains the rna-seq data of tumor and normal tissues from the tcga and gtex projects. this database can be used to calculate the relative expression of circrnas in cancer and normal tissues.

nested case-control studies can be conducted using data from the vietnam experience study (ves), linked to the national death index. the first set of deaths was identified in 1977-1982 and the second set of deaths from 1987-1989, with follow-up completed for both sets of deaths through 2000. the average age at death was approximately 55 years. fifty-four percent of the male veterans of the a-76 sample had used an illicit drug at some time during their lives, and 68% of the female veterans had used an illicit drug at some time during their lives. the ves contains information on the respondent’s self-reported, ever-used illicit drugs during the respondent’s life. the ves also includes information on other major causes of death, such as accidents and suicide, but these are not the focus of the analyses presented here. the response options for illicit drug use were no use, use in the past 30 days, use at any time prior to the past 30 days, or use at some time after the past 30 days, but no longer than a year ago. keywords: vietnam, a-76 veterans, illicit drug, mortality.

figure9 identification of a new functional variant of mhc i-related gene e01. (a) schematic representation of mhc i-related genes. (b, c) exon sequences of wild type (wt) and the identified variant. (d) multiple alignment of mhc i-related genes from human, rhesus monkey, and common marmoset. the variant is indicated by the red arrow. (e) cdna sequencing of the wt and variant allele in the peripheral blood mononuclear cells (pbmcs) from two healthy donors. (f) sanger sequencing of the pbmcs from two healthy donors. (g, h) flow cytometry analysis of the expression of mhc i in pbmcs. data were expressed as means sd of three independent experiments. **p < 0.01, ***p < 0.001.


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