Touhou Dark Echoes !FULL! Download For Pc


Touhou Dark Echoes Download For Pc

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We are delighted and proud to reveal Touhou Dark Echoes, the first collaboration between Czech indie studio Ministry of Broadcast and Vaka Game Magazine!

After having explored the fast-paced action and pixel art graphics with Touhou Luna Nights, we wanted to have something dramatically different: Touhou Dark Echoes is a narrative puzzle platformer with unique art style hardly ever seen in a Touhou-inspired project!

Dark Echoes have appeared in Gensokyo and the Shrine Maiden is unable to comprehend their behaviour. Sumireko Usami, the games main character, chooses this precise moment to reappear in Gensokyo and she seems to know something about this unusual incident.

Sumireko Usami
The psychic human from the Outside World who is able to switch back and forth to Gensokyo. She seems to have a very personal interest in pursuing the cause behind the Dark Echoes appearance in Gensokyo. There is no way she will ever drop her smartphone.

Dark Echoes
Mysterious and powerful creatures that have appeared in Gensokyo. None of the inhabitants seem to have a clue about who or what they are and what they are after.


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