Van Helsing 2 Full !FULL! Movie English Version


Van Helsing 2 Full Movie English Version

the film then moved on to the present day where van helsing and jonathan harker were resurrected by a small group of london occultists and now live in an isolated cottage in transylvania. van helsing quickly learns that the count is seeking harkers and deavys descendants in order to create an army of vampires so that he can wage war on humans. the couple then find the count and engage him in a battle that saw them both stab the count in the heart with a cross. van helsing then kills the count and the count returns to a vampire slayer named abraham van helsing, who has now become the most powerful vampire slayer in the world. van helsing then saves a young woman named lucy (played by freya allan) from the count. he then takes her to his home, where lucy begins to feed on blood from van helsing. the two then fall in love.

over the next several years van helsing and lucy travel around the world and get married. they have a daughter named mina. but then lucy gets pregnant and she goes into labor. she dies and the daughter is stillborn. van helsing and mina then move back to london and lucy is buried in an unmarked grave. but that was just a catalyst. soon van helsing discovers that he has the mark of the romanov, and becomes one of the most feared vampires in the dark universe. then the romanovs rise again and threaten to take over the world. van helsing is then asked to come to america and save the world. he then teams up with lucy and they travel to san francisco.

hugh jackman, the same actor who played the title character in the original film, is the star of the show. he plays a dark and brooding version of the traditional van helsing character. he is a nobleman by birth and fights against the evil of the world on a daily basis.


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