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Google’s Pony Express – ananath

Doesn’t it go in the opposite direction?

yes, thats why Google released it. it has a start and an end point. In the
future it can be used to find a PO Box that does not have a physical

thanks. now I understand.

Members of the Queensland Legislative Council, 1893–1894

This is a list of members of the Queensland Legislative Council from 1893 to 1894. At this time the Council was composed of twelve members, six of whom were elected regionally by the Incorporated Councils of Eastern, Northern, Southern and Western Queensland, and six of whom were appointed by the Governor.

The colony was created in 1859, with an elected Legislative Council comprising 6 elected members and 12 appointed members who were responsible to the colony’s Executive Council. Between 1879 and 1880, the Governor had issued Letters Patent designating five of the appointed members as official members. The first six elective members had been elected in the first Legislative Council on 11 December 1860 and the last six elective members were elected at the 1874 elections.

On 17 December 1893, James Robert Patterson, the member for Northern, resigned. The executive of the Incorporated Council of Eastern, Northern and Western Queensland requested the Governor make a fresh appointment. The request was refused and Patterson was declared elected unopposed.
On 23 October 1894, the new Premier, Samuel Griffith, was nominated by the Governor as one of the six official members. Griffith had resigned from the Executive Council on 15 October 1894 to become Premier and Minister for Public Works.


Category:Members of Queensland parliaments by term
Category:19th-century Australian politicians’s a lot
that I do that’s quite different
from what a lot of the women
in my age bracket do.

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thanks in advancedStyle Pissed, Interrogation and a Death Threat.

People often ask me where I got my leather/strapped look, the usual “the it girl had it on” or “my mom bought me some” (which I neither deny nor confirm). I had similar fashion questions from high school and college girls. “Did you just buy this?”, they’d ask as I flipped through my haul from the day’s shopping. No. I made it myself. I learned early on about making leather armor for myself, but it took a few years for me to make a coat look like this. From my research, it became clear that many African American fashion designers made leather cloaks and wear them this way.

The first photo you see here is of the leather coat I made for myself. I made it long and narrow, which, to my surprise, made it comfortable and style-appropriate for traveling. I later made more for my other roommates, who all also preferred the style. I made a cell phone pouch, backstraps, a leather-free choker and a pouch for my cigarettes. The choker has since been stolen (as have the other leather items). I’ve gotten a phone called in to the police.

The second set of photos is of a style interrogation. I did

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