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IIS 7.5 overwrites MIME-Type

I have my IIS 7.5 webserver hosting a ASP.NET website in web-mode. I have set the MIME-type in the global configuration to be.aspx and I have a file that can be accessed directly through the web-address with no extension (it just shows the file in the browser. With IIS 7.5 these requests are interpreted as requesting a.aspx file when actually they are requesting a file without an extension. This is completely unexpected and unexpected by me, so my question is: how do I prevent this?
I have searched for a solution. A possible solution is to change the MIME-Type to be.aspx and add.aspx as an extension.
But I don’t want to change the MIME-Type and I want to avoid adding.aspx as an extension. Also, I don’t want to add an extension.
Any suggestions would be helpful.


IIS has a setting for what mime types are considered ASP.NET, in your case that would be application/x-aspx. You can set it to never consider this mime type, or at least always consider it.
Check out this guide on IIS 7.x Custom Mime Types

Bernie Sanders will soon be seated in the most powerful perch in the world. What, exactly, that means, both for the Democratic Party as a whole and his progressive vision, remains to be seen. But right now he has the best chance of anyone to lead the party into the 2020 election.

Sanders will return to his new role as Democratic National Committee chair on Sept. 30, when the chairmanship officially begins for the year.

And the progressive argument is this: Even though Sanders will have only a fraction of the power of the other two major party leaders, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, it is still important that someone speak up for the left — and Sanders is the only one who can do that.

The continuing slate of liberal leadership elections is another reason Sanders is the right choice. Left-wing luminaries like Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet have announced their candidacies. There are others who also might run, among them former Ohio Secretary of State Connie Lawson and former Rep. Beto O’Rourke of Texas, who ran for president in 2018.

But there


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