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I have a similar problem on one of our Windows 7 machines, same thing. Upon first seeing the license you just imported, it listed itself as being activated and when you chose “Activate” it just failed.
I went to the Store site and downloaded the latest Windows 7 image from their website (at that point, it didn’t give me any options) and then tried to activate it. It hung at the same spot. I did it again and it listed this time as “Not activated” so I tried the “Deactivate” option which I think means you are supposed to reactivate it.
I looked into this and noticed that the new images are larger than the old ones I had previously been using. You may be having the same problem.
I finally found this post, but unfortunately there are no clear directions on where to put the new image to accomplish this. As I looked at the image it did not appear to be a complete install, only the Windows boot loader which, when you look at it, only has one thing, which is the error:

Error: 0x0000005b

I was able to proceed with trying to activate with the smaller version, but then it told me it was activated. I thought it might still be hung up, so I clicked “Activate” and once again it hung. After doing a bit of searching I found someone who had the same issue and got it to work by placing the new image in the same location as the older one (have a C:\Windows\System32 folder, as well as a C:\Windows\System32-64 folder)
I tried this, it looks like it works. Hopefully this helps you!

U.S. Pat. No. 3,560,568, entitled “BUBBLE TH

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