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Woodstock Full Movie 1969 720p Torrent

released in 1969, ‘woodstock’ is a documentary that became a landmark piece of rock ‘n’ roll history. it was the most important moment of the ’60s, and the birth of a national movement. it was a meeting of two worlds, and a celebration of love, peace, and music. i had a chance to sit down with phil and maureen in 2005, and discuss this film. i asked phil if he regretted making the film. his response was one that he probably would not have used in the early ’90s, but is one that i would use today. “the question is why? why did we do it? if we did it for the money, we should have been more careful about it. if we did it for the fame, we should have been more careful about it. if we did it for the crowd, we should have been more careful about it. if we did it for our own ego, we should have been more careful about it. what was it that we did that was better than anything else? what was it that we did that mattered? we made a film that has never been made before. i don’t know that anyone else would have been as good as we were. we were the best. we were the best, and we made the film that no one else could have made. what did we do? we did it for love, and we did it for music. that’s all we did. that’s all we ever did. it wasn’t for money, fame, or ego. we did it because we loved each other, and we loved music, and we loved the people. we did it for them. that’s it, we did it for them. we did it for the people. we did it for the crowd. we did it for the love, and we did it for the music. it was a magical film.

this way of packaging, reminiscent of the throwback packaging on the original ‘woodstock’ dvd in 1999, was designed by the filmmakers and apple, in their usual collaborative style. at least, its kind of funny to think that the people who worked on the packaging of this latest edition of the original ‘woodstock’ dvd could have been these same people who worked on the packaging of the new 3-disc ‘woodstock’ dvd, and, perhaps, even on the ‘woodstock: 50 years on’ blu-ray and 4k ultra hd blu-ray packages (it’s unclear, as we dont know when apple will be releasing these ‘woodstock’ specials). not only are the packaging details from the ‘woodstock’ packages, but the paper-board slipcase for the ‘woodstock’ shirts and jackets and the lucite display case and patch for the album are the same as the packaging on the ‘woodstock: 50 years on’ blu-ray. the film is presented in 2.0-d (aka “2-dimensional”) and “flat” aspect ratios and 1.78:1 (aka “letterbox”) on the blu-ray edition, while the dvd edition uses the standard 1.33:1 (aka “full screen”) presentation and 3.0-d aspect ratio. the original ‘woodstock’ dvd was presented in 1.33:1 and 2.0-d aspect ratios (the latter for the 3-disc edition), while the blu-ray is presented in 1.78:1 and 3.0-d aspect ratios. the 2-disc dvd and blu-ray editions of ‘woodstock’ will be included in both the double-disc and double-disc/double-blu-ray editions of the new ‘woodstock’ dvd set.

in august 1969, with the united states mired in an unpopular and politically charged war in vietnam, many hippies and flower children turned their attention to a different kind of conflict. they would take the message of peace, love, and dope, and spread it throughout the country, and the world. it would take three days, but woodstock would go down in the history books as one of the great moments of the hippy movement, inspiring love, peace, and music for thousands of years to come. the concert film captured this festival, but more importantly, it captured the spirit of the times, and the momentous events that were about to unfold.
woodstock’s goal was ‘peace, love, and music,’ and the film contains none of the type of music that would be present at the event. i could only listen to it, but the music still has a siren effect on me. they played 2 songs, “helplessly hoping” and “this land is your land” which isn’t too bad, but it is still just music.
this film should be viewed as something of a documentary on the making of the album “blonde on blonde” by bob dylan. i saw this film many years ago in the theater and it was very good. i was looking for it again today and saw that it is available on netflix. i think that as long as the music is from the 60’s this will be a good movie for many people to see.
yes, it’s true! i am the only one who ever watched this movie. it wasn’t until now, when i was in the mood for some peace, love, and music that i finally watched this movie. i had always been told that this was a “must watch” movie, and now it’s true. it has some great images of the “woodstock” festival, and it’s a good film for any 60’s movie lover. it’s definitely worth watching. a documentary on the making of the album “blonde on blonde” by bob dylan.


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