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Product Description

The Mil-Spec Super Torpedo Lithium-Ion Battery pack is a perfect pack for providing power to a multitude of weapons and accessories. Great in size and simple to use, these heavy duty Power Packs will become your best friend in the field or garage.

This pack has been designed with high performance in mind. The Mil-Spec pack is proven and trusted for reliability in all duty applications. These packs are suitable for use with almost all popular weapons systems and also for airsoft applications. In addition to the standard battery, power pack, charger, carry bag and warranty card are also included.


– Mil-Spec Heavy Duty Battery

– 260mAh Capacity

– Build In Temperature Protection

– 9.6V / 1400mAh

– 3.6mm Diameter x 1.8mm Thickness

– 3.6mm Width

– 3.9 Inches High

– Black


Common Uses



Pulse Grenades

Stim Grenades

Plasma Grenades


Sniper Rifles

Shotgun Systems


Battle Rifles

Automatic Rifles


Grip Hand Grenades

Plasma Hand Grenades

Shot Grenades

Power Packs

Shrink Wrap

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