Nowadays, synthesizing large pieces of information can boost your confidence level and aid others perceive your ideas in a more efficient manner. However, if you create articles, and have to reach a certain threshold, then counting your words may be a good solution.
Approachable and minimal layout
A simple solution might be yEdit Portable that comes lightweight in means of features, to provide a quick way to set specific targets and keep track of how much you wrote. As the name suggests, the app comes packed with a single executable, which can be easily run directly from an external drive on any computer.
It's wrapped in a clean and self-explanatory interface with a standard menu, containing all the provided functions, and a counter, located at the bottom of the screen. The supported file formats are TXT, RTF, HTML, and XML.
Set the desired word target you need to reach
Compared with other similar processors, which also come with a counter, its features leave much to be desired, as you aren't able to change the color of the text, increase or decrease its size, or font type. Even with the window in full-screen the displayed content is small, but can be grown using the combination CTRL+ mouse wheel. Since not everyone knows this method, a font size function could've been implemented.
You can find and replace terms with other, and paste text directly from the clipboard. From the Words menu, the app lets you enter the target manually, or select it from the predefined values. Once this step is done, at the bottom, you can view the inputted number, the count, and the amount left until 0. In addition, a password may be entered to protect the draft from being modified.
A few last words
To sum it up, yEdit Portable is a useful program that comes in handy when you want to reach a specific word target for your articles and homework projects. An advantage of being portable is the fact that doesn't create registry entries, nor leaves traces behind after being deleted.









YEdit Portable Crack+ [Win/Mac] [Updated-2022]

A reliable file editor supporting many file types and text languages.

When it comes to use this app in your everyday routine, it can be a somewhat tedious experience. First of all, there’s no way to increase the font size, so writing anything in a larger font seems awkward. Even when creating a summary of a report, you can’t find a way to make it bigger, as the number of words is not a factor in the file size.
If you are simply looking for a way to keep track of words, and don’t need to make articles, then yEdit Portable For Windows 10 Crack may be your ultimate choice. Just don’t forget to keep the folder hidden.

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How to debug a Winforms application that have an unhandled exception

I need to figure out the issue when an unhandled exception occur in my application.
I’ve tried to hook into the global exception handler and show the users an message box, that is working. But in this case the exception is swallowed, that is, my application ends.
The code looks as follows:
static void Main()
Application.Run(new Form1());
catch (Exception ex)

I would like to catch the exception and determine the cause. Is that even possible?
I’ve searched the net for solutions but I haven’t found any that worked for me.
Best regards,


You could use a try..catch to log the exception, it will still allow you to run your program in the catch, but will at least output the exception.
static void Main()
Application.Run(new Form1());

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You don’t have to hit the “keypad” of your keyboard to enter a special command. This technique saves you from the extra stress of pushing many keys all at once and save your fingers a lot of fatigue. You just have to hit one specific key and move your mouse over the destination, for example, a button on your mouse. The button will then be highlighted. Release the “click” and the command will be performed. To repeat the process, simply hit the button again and press the “click” again, and so on.
In this guide we will introduce you to a keyboard shortcut that will take the hard work off your hands. We are sure you’ll like it.
Keyboard shortcuts are a lot faster than memorizing special key combinations, and you will be able to use them from the very first day you’ll need to use them.
Just like we have to learn our alphabet, it is normal to learn how to perform certain tasks with our keyboard.
There are many ways to perform an action with your keyboard, but there are also some you will need to become acquainted with.
The most important part in performing a task is, of course, to press a specific key, but the second part is to make sure the key is in the right place, or, in other words, in the correct position.
You might find the task easier if you find the right position of the keys. It is a process of trial and error, but that’s a lot less time consuming than figuring out the key combination from scratch.
To memorize a key combination you have to repeat the same process over and over again, which might not be the best way of learning.
Instead, you could press your button and move your mouse to the item you want to perform the action on. Then, once the mouse is on top of it, release the “click” and the command will be performed.
A mouse with buttons is able to be more sensitive and to perform different actions than a keyboard, but the mouse has to be in front of your computer, which is why you should not use it for anything important.
So, how do you use a keyboard shortcut?
Here’s a short example of an action:

Instead of pressing Alt+S to open the Save window, press Alt+S while you are hovering your mouse over the Save button.

Once you have mastered the first step, you can easily open other windows and applications by using the same technique.
There are several

YEdit Portable Free For Windows

“A simple and competent Windows program for word count.” –
“An excellent and easy to use tool for quickly and easily track down the number of words in a document.” –
“Portable word counter with a simple and user-friendly interface.” –
“A straightforward word counter that does not require an installation or registry. Just copy, paste, and you’re ready to go.” – CNET

Best Apps to Improve Your Typing Speed, Accuracy, and Fluency

We all want to type faster, write smoother, and speak with more fluency. However, improving our typing abilities can be a daunting process. Maybe you have been taught in school how to type on a typewriter, or maybe you have picked it up along the way. Here is a list of the best apps that will help you improve your typing skills.
1. TypingSpeed
TypingSpeed can be downloaded from the Android Marketplace for free. This app will track and report your typing speed as well as your typing accuracy for easy comparison. The developer provides full customization features to personalize the app to your typing preferences. Users can quickly switch between English and Italian keyboards, along with customizing hot keys to decrease keypressing time, and reduce the number of errors that can be made by any person.
2. TouchPal
TouchPal has a free version and a premium version for $6.99. The basic version allows users to customize the keyboard, while the premium version adds emoji support. Both versions are available on the Android Marketplace. Some of the other apps listed below offer similar features, so if you’re looking for a basic touch keyboard, this is one of the best apps to consider.
3. SwiftKey
SwiftKey is a third-party keyboard that offers customization features such as additional keyboards, languages, and the ability to add your own dictionary words. This also offers the ability to adjust the animation and speed of the virtual keys. SwiftKey is one of the best apps to increase your typing speed and accuracy.
4. Spacebar
Spacebar is a simple app that allows users to practice touch typing on virtual keys. The developer claims that this app can get you to type 75 words per minute! Spacebar is one of the best apps to improve typing accuracy.
5. EasyType
EasyType is a software application that is available for both the iOS and Android platforms. The user interface is very simple and its features are very

What’s New In?

An interesting way to keep a clear and focused workspace in order to save your time and boost your productivity. It has basic features but also an intuitive interface, which can be applied to your most common or interesting tasks. It's simple to use, and once downloaded, can be started in a few clicks.
LaserFocus's multi-level menu system allows you to apply three types of actions to the workspace: configure, customize, and achieve. The customizable options comprise three aspects: display, audio, and keyboard.
The display is an intuitive way to set up the background and window properties. You can also re-order windows in the Task Bar, view details of each application, view the selected or all the open tabs, and turn on or off the indicator bar. Other options include handling notifications and notifications received.
The audio options let you choose whether you want to play selected or all the music in your drive. The keyboard settings allow you to specify shortcuts, create favorite hotkeys, and set up the focus shortcuts. It also offers a preview window of the contents, where you can take a peek at the current and last application you were working on.

Interactive interface
Backup and restore options
Custom hotkeys, shortcuts, and launcher
Configurable notification sounds and controls
Audio player and playlists
Choose music libraries

Lets you play and pause specific parts of music in a playlist. It may contain a list of playlists, when you want to preview music in a specific folder.
Its simplicity makes it easy to use and fits all your basic media needs. After downloading, it's easy to add files and add them to the queue.
However, it only features an internet search, which means that you need to download and install something that's not available on a fresh OS installation.
Key Features:

Playlist previewer
Internet search

Get interesting music to your media libraries with this universal media player. This tool supports all the major formats and formats, which are easily recognized by its interface. Once you've added music to the library, you can search for specific songs, manage playlists, as well as create playlists, directly inside the app. It can also be used to import and play music directly from your cloud accounts. However, it supports YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, and Spotify, as well as YouTube, Flickr, Flickr, Vimeo, and SoundCloud.
Key Features:

Video importing
Playlist creation

Manage music libraries and import more music into your library with this app. It supports a lot of media formats and lets you play music from all the supported services.
You can import music directly to your library using Google Drive, so the collection can grow larger. It also supports OGG, WAV, FLAC, MP3,

System Requirements For YEdit Portable:

The system requirements listed below are minimum requirements. Your hardware will determine the requirements that are needed to play.
In most cases, we recommend using at least a 1.4 GHz processor, and have no specific minimum requirements. However, the game may not run on older hardware.
We recommend at least 1 GB of RAM (8 GB will be required for highest settings)
Virtua Fighter 5 is a game that will require a large amount of graphics RAM and CPU. You will need an Nvidia or AMD graphics card with at least 512 MB of dedicated graphics memory.

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