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A linux Tracker (as originally intended by the original Tracker developers in the late 90s/early 2000s).

zTracker is MIDI tracker/sequencer. In other words, you can record MIDI clips and play them back at a later time.
zTracker is modeled after Impulse Tracker. It is designed to do all the things a good tracker should be able to do. It does everything you would expect a tracker to do and more.

zTracker uses Allegro. If you have ever used an old-school tracker and played a MIDI file over the internet, you know what zTracker is.

zTracker provides a number of powerful features:

* Multitrack recording: You can record as many MIDI tracks as you like, and change the tempo of the track as you record. You can also use the arpeggiator, which is very powerful. There are even two different arpeggiator modes which will make your life easier.

* DAW Support: zTracker can be controlled using a FL Studio like interface and can be run as a FL Studio plugin.

* Many other features: Built-in guitar and synthesizer editor, instrument automation, pitch bend automation, FX, portamento, looping, etc.

zTracker is the best tracker available in the market at the moment.

You can find out more about the features of zTracker at (also known as the zTracker forum). You can find out about the history of zTracker and it’s evolution by reading (also known as the zTracker history).

You can also download a free trial of zTracker, which lets you use all the features and sounds without incurring any cost.

zTracker is written in C++, Allegro, and GLUT.

The current release of zTracker is 5.0 (r410) and includes support for MP3 and FLAC sound files. A list of previous releases is available at

You can find a lot of example files in the examples/ directory.

zTracker is a really simple tracker to use. You can get started in less than 5 minutes and start using all of the features immediately.

You can get more details about zTracker in the online manual.

ZTracker Free PC/Windows

This application is for those users who wish to have a cross platform MIDI and Macro Programmer for most DAWs. You can create an unlimited number of keyboards and hardware controllers, each with it’s own set of commands and macros.

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zTracker is designed to be a MIDI tracker/sequencer. It is modeled after Impulse Tracker. It does everything you would expect a tracker to do and more…

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Since the first zTracker was released in 1999, it has become one of the world’s most popular music software packages. zTracker is a great tool for composing, recording, and producing music. zTracker has a powerful feature set with tons of useful features. It is a complete multitrack music system. It is compatible with most major audio formats, including MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, AC3, AAC, and MPC. You can import music files and save them in MP3 format. zTracker comes with a powerful mixing console.

zTracker has an intuitive workflow with a sleek and simple user interface. It has an excellent workflow with all the tools you need. zTracker is easy to use and does not require any special knowledge to use. It’s easy to make music using the tools in zTracker. It is extremely flexible. You can add as many tracks and instrument plugins as you want. You can record your performance. You can edit your performance. You can edit your samples. You can adjust the pitch of your performance. You can change the tempo of your performance. You can add and delete plugins. You can import music into zTracker. You can export music in different formats. You can export to MP3, FLAC, and Ogg Vorbis. You can split your music file. You can combine multiple music files. You can split your music file into multiple tracks. You can merge multiple tracks. You can split a track into multiple parts. You can add lyrics to your music. You can add MIDI to your music. You can use MIDI to control external hardware. You can import audio, MIDI, and audio/MIDI files. zTracker is a great, affordable music production software package. zTracker has many powerful features, and is a tool that you can easily use to create music and audio.

zTracker has a powerful feature set. It has all the tools you need to create a powerful and complete multitrack music system. zTracker has tons of great features. The features in zTracker make it a great software package for composing, recording, and producing music. zTracker is a great tool for composing, recording, and producing music.

zTracker Features:

Combining an intuitive user interface with an excellent workflow, zTracker makes

What’s New in the ZTracker?

zTracker is a MIDI tracker/sequencer. It is modeled after Impulse Tracker. It does everything you would expect a tracker to do and more.

Version History:
20 Oct 2002 : The first public version
21 Nov 2002 : Beta 1
22 Dec 2002 : Beta 2
23 Dec 2002 : Beta 3
24 Dec 2002 : Beta 4
25 Dec 2002 : Beta 5
26 Dec 2002 : Beta 6
27 Dec 2002 : Beta 7
30 Dec 2002 : Beta 8
31 Dec 2002 : Beta 9
01 Jan 2003 : Beta 10
02 Jan 2003 : Beta 11
03 Jan 2003 : Beta 12
03 Jan 2003 : Beta 13
04 Jan 2003 : Beta 14
05 Jan 2003 : Beta 15
05 Jan 2003 : Beta 16
05 Jan 2003 : Beta 17
06 Jan 2003 : Beta 18
06 Jan 2003 : Beta 19
06 Jan 2003 : Beta 20
07 Jan 2003 : Beta 21
07 Jan 2003 : Beta 22
08 Jan 2003 : Beta 23
09 Jan 2003 : Beta 24
09 Jan 2003 : Beta 25
09 Jan 2003 : Beta 26
09 Jan 2003 : Beta 27
09 Jan 2003 : Beta 28
10 Jan 2003 : Beta 29
10 Jan 2003 : Beta 30
11 Jan 2003 : Beta 31
11 Jan 2003 : Beta 32
11 Jan 2003 : Beta 33
11 Jan 2003 : Beta 34
12 Jan 2003 : Beta 35
12 Jan 2003 : Beta 36
12 Jan 2003 : Beta 37
13 Jan 2003 : Beta 38
13 Jan 2003 : Beta 39
13 Jan 2003 : Beta 40
13 Jan 2003 : Beta 41
13 Jan 2003 : Beta 42
14 Jan 2003 : Beta 43
14 Jan 2003 : Beta 44
15 Jan 2003 : Beta 45
15 Jan 2003 : Beta 46
15 Jan 2003 : Beta 47
16 Jan 2003 : Beta 48
16 Jan 2003 : Beta 49
16 Jan 2003 : Beta 50
16 Jan 2003 : Beta 51
17 Jan 2003 : Beta 52
17 Jan 2003 : Beta 53
18 Jan 2003 : Beta 54
18 Jan 2003 : Beta 55
18 Jan 2003 : Beta 56
18 Jan 2003 : Beta 57
19 Jan 2003 : Beta 58
19 Jan 2003 : Beta 59
20 Jan 2003 : Beta 60
20 Jan 2003 : Beta 61
20 Jan 2003 : Beta 62
21 Jan 2003 : Beta 63
21 Jan 2003 : Beta 64
22 Jan 2003 : Beta 65
23 Jan 2003 : Beta 66
23 Jan 2003 : Beta 67
24 Jan 2003 : Beta 68
24 Jan 2003 : Beta 69
24 Jan 2003 : Beta 70
24 Jan 2003 : Beta 71
25 Jan 2003 : Beta 72
25 Jan 2003 : Beta 73
25 Jan 2003 : Beta 74
25 Jan 2003 : Beta 75
25 Jan 2003 : Beta 76
25 Jan 2003 : Beta 77
26 Jan 2003 : Beta 78
26 Jan 2003 : Beta 79


System Requirements:

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
CPU: 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon X2 4250 or faster
RAM: 2 GB, but you can play on lower settings
Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 or ATI Radeon HD 2600 or faster
Internet: Broadband connection
Support: Please note that we provide tech support for game problems, not for hardware or sound problems. If you have a problem that isn’t covered here,


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